Welcome to the August 2017 issue of ❛PATNZ Create❜
the official newsletter of Porcelain Art Teachers NZ

Hello Fellow Artists

Welcome to our first newsletter! It's been a crazy but exciting few months getting ready to shift into the new home on the net for Porcelain Art Teachers New Zealand.

At last we have arrived! Grab a cuppa and become acquainted with what we have to offer.

A lot has certainly been going on with the focus squarely on providing a place for all things porcelain. My vision is to create a central hub filled with information on how to connect to resources no matter where you are on your painting on porcelain journey. On another note, I am really honoured to have the support and assistance of fellow artists to breathe life into this website.

I've been busy with our web designer to bring you a site of beauty and elegance - a place you can retreat to and meet like minded artists. I could not overstate how grateful I am for the generous support of the many wonderful artists I've come to know through my own efforts to express my love of this art form. It's been a hive of fun and activity here in the design room - we've got lots of new things coming up so stay tuned for more details!

I know you'll love the ❛Tips & Tricks❜ section we have planned, especially if they solve time-wasting frustrations for you! We've all had those days when a piece we're working with just doesn't look right. It looks "ok", but not quite right. You can't put your finger on it (or maybe you can), but fixing it doesn't really jump up at you. We will be inviting contributions from porcelain artists and teachers so keep a lookout for that too.

➤ This beautiful picture was sent to me and I thought I would share it with you. Emma Meyer Danish 1859-1921 - "Women Decorating Porcelain At Den Kgl. Porcelansfabrik (RoyalCopenhagen), 1895"

I'm still learning right alongside with you... because as artists working with this medium I don't know if we ever truly learn it all. The truth is there is always so much magic about painting on porcelain you may find yourself wanting to paint every single moment of the day. Painting on porcelain can be extremely powerful and tell so much about your creativity that words may be hard to express.

I remember watching Oprah years ago and she said, "When you know better, you do better." I find this to be true with the fascinating and gorgeous medium of painting on porcelain. Whether you have been painting for a few weeks or a few years, you may find that one of the best ways to continue to grow and improve your skills is through the exchange of ideas and/or guidance from a fellow artist or through the expert tutelage of a teacher.

One of the greatest pleasures of an artist is we love sharing our beautiful pieces with everyone! I've had great fun creating this site and plan to have a gallery where artists and students can submit photos of their own work for fellow artists or visitors to our site to enjoy. Oops, I let the cat out of the bag a bit early!

I am also going to be introducing ❛Step-by-Step❜ galleries by our teachers and artists to show the vitality of the beginning and the end of a creation entirely driven by the interplay of hues, textures, and the vibrancy of colour. Painting on porcelain can be very direct and intuitive. And this is truth about the creative process: it's not static. The project starts with a piece of bare porcelain and initial inspiration, but quickly takes on a life of its own. It individuates and differentiates itself as we develop it.

Other features will be facts about products and how they are applied. Why did I buy this? What can I do with it now? Most of us do know this but to have a quick place to look up instead of searching in that pile of books in the bookcase or on the floor will be a truly valuable resource. Plus overseas artist links for inspiration. Also clubs around New Zealand feeding in information about when their club meets and where. When they are having exhibitions, functions or visiting artists, etc.

Stop Press! Check out our events page. Visiting artist Sandra Bernaitis from APAT Queensland is coming to Wellington and help the Hutt Valley Porcelain Artists Association celebrate their ❝50 Years Of Firing Exhibition❞ held 15-27 August at the Hutt Art Society Centre Odlin Gallery in Lower Hutt.

I count myself fortunate to work with a medium that gladdens my eye even in the production phase.

Embrace it! Enjoy it!

Your Partner in Success
Sandra Austin
(President PATNZ)

 Art Credit: (Above left) ©Monica Martin "Girl On A Swing"

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