Newsletter - Art On Porcelain New Zealand September 2017

Welcome to the September 2017 issue of ❛PATNZ Create❜
the official newsletter of Porcelain Art Teachers NZ

Hello Fellow Artists

Welcome to our second newsletter!

There is no doubt spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and new ideas. When I decided to start my journey to create the ArtOnPorcelainNZ community where all artists no matter where they are on their journey can join, I had no idea how warmly it would be received. I had been working on this idea for quite a while and now I'm excited to finally show it off and give life to ❝The Hub of All Things Porcelain!❞ I'm hoping to create a community that will resonate with artists and teachers alike.

I just think as a creative, it doesn't matter what you do, you should always honour your own truth. I have always felt painting on porcelain was the "right choice" for me! I believe we can all learn from each other and this exchange is what will keep this community humming along. I am super lucky that so many talented porcelain artists around the world so inspire me! I have always enjoyed this art form and been drawn to its beauty.

We were so excited to welcome our Guest Artist/Teacher Sandra Bernaitis from Australia to the Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association ❝50Years Of Firing!❞ Exhibition and Workshop and we didn't mind one bit that Sandra totally stole the show! It was agreed by all an outstanding success. Sandra's vibrant and sophisticated style and techniques created a memorable experience for all who took part in the Workshop. She brought a rich learning resource of skills, vision, and inspiration to this old established art.

We also had the pleasure of including a few exquisite exhibits of her own artistry in the Exhibition. Her beautiful pieces were notable for their skilfully decorated and artistically executed painting style; the brilliance of colours used were simply magnificent! Here at ArtOnPorcelainNZ we're still buzzing after such a wonderful time was had by all. Our thanks to Sandra for such beautiful memories.

All the highest appreciation feedback we've had from the Exhibition can be summed up in a nutshell; the exhibits impressed visitors with their elegance and vivid, expressive colours. Porcelain painting is such a unique and exquisite craft. All our exhibitors were delighted to share their passion and showcase their pieces with visitors to the exhibition. It was a successful event in introducing painting to the public and so rewarding to see many attendants found interest and enjoyed the beautiful pieces on display.

I believe porcelain painting has huge potential all over the world and New Zealand is no exception. Porcelain Art Teachers NZ have persevered in their efforts to introduce and nurture young painters in this unique art form. What we hope to do is to cultivate artists in this discipline and we are devoted to keeping our art form in the spotlight and vividly capture its uniqueness.

Passing on the traditional skills to future generations is now the priority of today's teachers and artists. Porcelain painters have already developed different categories beyond portraits, but for the sake of future innovation, many professionals agree that mastering of the traditional skills is still crucial. We here at PATNZ are a group of established artists who have teamed up to promote this art form and ensure its longevity.

We feel empowered by artists accomplishing goals and achieving their dreams; so when the stories of new painters come to our attention, delving a little deeper into the inspirations behind their journey is what we would love to share. If you have an inspiring story of an artist get in touch and we'll share it here.

Exhibitions and workshops are the perfect opportunity for artists to be together, collaborate and gain new experience in an incredibly complex discipline - decoration of porcelain dishes. Artists are eager for experimentation and discoveries, and novelty in the field, so participation is numerous. During the workshops various kinds of porcelain articles are decorated and creative control always remains in the hands of the artist!

Modern-day artists have brought in diverse themes, styles, and techniques, but also combined the craft with artistic and everyday porcelains which have proved a hit with collectors. The beauty and versatility of porcelain art will always serve as a meaningful purchase for the home or office.

This month we created the ArtOnPorcelainNZ ❝YouTube❞ Channel where tutorials and titbits of interest will be posted for all to enjoy, learn, and at times have a giggle or two. It's going to be learning and fun all wrapped into one super bundle.

I'm extremely proud to announce our Facebook page now has over 50 followers! In my wildest imagination I could not have predicted when we started the page that so many artists and painters would "like" to keep up with the comings and goings of our amazing community. We are still a young community, but we've certainly come far and intend to go even further. If you aren't following us yet, pop over to our Facebook page and... You know the drill.

We would love to have you join us! We would like to extend a warm invitation to porcelain artists and teachers to join the ArtOnPorcelainNZ community. Our community is an ❝all inclusive❞ community! EVERYONE is welcome! I cannot stress that enough. We have a lot of great ideas to include in our community and these will be coming on stream as the days go by.

One of my fellow artists sent this beautiful article to me; Prominent Latvian artist Inese Brants has assessed this activity in a following way: "The porcelain vase embodies the philosophical categories of fragility and eternity. The artist's painting on a vase shows his or her respect to the material. In the magic process of painting and firing endows an article with its own special aura. The painted vase at the end embodies the creative power of the personality."

Just before I go, can I say brightening someone's day inspires me and reminds me how a kind word can really make someone's day. As they say, kindness doesn't cost a thing, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!!

Embrace it! Enjoy it!

Your Partner in Success
Sandra Austin
(President PATNZ)

Art Credits:
(First right) ©Sandra Bernaitis "Mystique"
(First left) ©Sandra Bernaitis "Pair of Black and Gold Elephants"
(Second right) ©Sandra Bernaitis "Cafe Scene"
(Second left) ©Sandra Austin "Lustre Lotus and Fish Bowl"
(Third right) ©Phyl Reiper "Heart of Flowers"
(Third left) ©Sallie Clough "Rose Bowl"

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