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Hello Fellow Artists

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2017!

Once again it's almost time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. As the year comes to an end and we celebrate all that Christmas means to us, I have to admit it's been nothing short of an incredible and amazing year - a year in which dreams have turned into reality and hopes have been realised with happiness, laughter, joy, and LOVE for our ArtOnPorcelainNZ community. Artists who have joined us, supportive messages from friends of our community sharing the goodness of your hearts and phone calls expressing love and best wishes for AOPNZ have meant so much to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Christmas is also that time of the year when friends and family think about the Christmases of the past and plan for the coming holiday with their loved ones in mind. As we reflect on this wonderful holiday, we must keep in mind that Christmas is not just any holiday but may be the most important one of the year for some people. It is a time for remembering, a time to share, a time to express with words and gifts what someone means to you and a time to give something from your heart.

As we celebrate Christmas and New Year, let us give thanks for blessings received, for new opportunities that have come our way, and most of all for renewed hope in the coming days. To all my porcelain artist friends and ArtOnPorcelainNZ followers I wish you and your loved ones a sparkling and cheerful Christmas and a very Happy New Year with beautiful moments of love, togetherness and laughter. May you be blessed with love, health and happiness. Merry Christmas everyone! Let's sparkle this New Year!

Unit Standards Update

You will remember from our last newsletter PATNZ held our annual Unit Standard exams for porcelain painters around New Zealand. We had pieces submitted for three categories this year: Unit 13L Lustres, Unit 15 Monochromatic and Unit 16 Bone.

I'm happy to share with you the pieces from artists who were successful in passing the Unit Standard for which each of them was submitted for judging. Mastering of a Unit Standard is quite an achievement for any artist. To focus on one standard can be a challenge, but the sense of self-satisfaction on attaining a successful pass makes all the hours and effort worthwhile. When an artist discovers and believes there are no boundaries it becomes the starting point for the goal ahead.

Photo 1.) Christine Handley "Bone" (Passed)

Photo 2.) Glenys Muntz "Bone" (Passed)

Photo 3.) Glenys Muntz "Lustre" (Passed)

Photo 4.) Glenys Muntz "Monochromatic" (Passed)

Achievement is not small or big. Achievement is truly great! Well done.

Pop over to our ❝Unit Descriptions❞ section to view more details on each Unit Standard here

Congratulations Glenys Muntz on achieving your ❝Diploma in Porcelain Art❞

There truly is no shortcut to success. Successful people know this secret very well. Becoming a master of a unit standard is empowering; it helps you to push boundaries and steers you toward those luxurious moments when you just know "you have done it!"

The right ingredients for success are hard work, determination, devotion and positivity! Congratulations to Glenys Muntz for brilliantly combining them and making it! It is a success you truly deserve. May the rest of your life be full of many more awesome moments like this one. We're all so happy and excited for your success Glenys. You can be proud of your hard work and achievement.

Glenys started on her ❝Diploma in Porcelain Art❞ in 2010 doing ❛Unit 17 Porcelain Canvas❜ and ❛Unit 1 Soft Flowers❜. From then Glenys has worked hard to achieve all 17 disciplines and styles of this most beautiful and oldest art form of the world. She has been a member of the Manawatu Porcelain Art Association for a number of years now and has been a pupil of Val Kenward-Harrison for many years. Well done Glenys.

Photo: Glenys Muntz

Porcelain Show, Switzerland... from Sandra Bernaitis

You will remember Sandra was winging her way to Switzerland soon after her busy schedule of exhibitions and workshops in New Zealand came to a close in August this year. Sandra attended the show by invitation and was invited to display some of her pieces. As promised, Sandra sent us her thoughts on her visit to the show accompanied by some photos (see below). What an amazing experience. I can only imagine the thrill of it all. Enjoy!

The town of Rapperswil, situated on a lake 20 minutes from Zurich, made the perfect setting for this exhibition. Late autumn in Switzerland was picturesque filled with changing tree colours and snow-capped Alps.

The exhibition was set over two large halls with exhibition pieces surrounded by sellers in each hall. It was so busy at times you couldn't see what they were selling or the displays. I met many interesting painters and felt my work was well received.

All demonstrations were free - you just took a seat or stood and watched. Two demonstrations ran every hour from 10.30am to 4.30pm each day. As Switzerland has three official languages (German, French and Italian) there was an interpreter on hand to make sure everyone could understand what the demonstrators were saying as not all could speak English. It was amazing how patient everyone was and rather fun to listen to interpretations. Another interesting difference was no exhibition photos were allowed, except at the demonstrations.

During the exhibition, I attended Filipe Pereira's one day "Black Poppy" workshop, which encouraged the use of big brushes. He started by demonstrating his black poppy painting technique. Then we applied some texture on our first plates. Whilst we worked on our second plates, he painted a poppy on each participant's first textured plate and signed it. After wiping off my poppy several times, I was finally pleased with all but one section. With a few brush strokes, Filipe corrected troubled sections on everyone's second plates. It was amazing to see how quickly he could work and the stunning results he produced. Workshop participants had to fire and finish plates at home, but enjoyed the experience.

In Switzerland there is no distinction between porcelain artists, as professionals, teachers and amateurs are equal. Thus, artists from all corners of the world can exhibit if they pay the registration fee. In addition exhibition sales incur no commission. In general, European porcelain artists find it unusual that in Australia you must belong to an organisation to exhibit. Whilst not all would agree with adopting the European philosophy, the success of the exhibition showed it may be worth considering.

Their exhibition was well attended: the atmosphere was friendly and the organisers inclusive of all participants. It was a great opportunity to share knowledge and I was fortunate to meet many interesting people who love our art. If you have ever considered attending European exhibitions, more information can be found at www.mlporcelaine.ch. I congratulate the organisers, as I certainly loved the experience and can recommend a European Porcelain Art adventure.

Happy painting
Sandra Bernaitis

Photo 1.) Marie-Claire Frass demonstrating "Gingko leaves"

Photo 2.) Rachel Plantier demonstrating "Red Iris"

Photo 3.) Filipe Pereira demonstrating his "Black Poppy"

Photo 4.) Sandra Bernaitis' "Black Poppy" plate

Please note: Photo of white and gold cat courtesy "Porcelain Show" event notification

Welcome Ming Lien

One of the nicest jobs I get to do as President is welcome a new artist/teacher to Porcelain Art Teachers NZ. It really is feel good central on occasions like this for me personally and I'm sure for everyone in our community. It's therefore my absolute pleasure to introduce you to our newest artist/teacher ❝Ming Lien❞.

Ming writes... I have always been drawn to the beautiful art form of painting on porcelain. My journey began in 1997 when I immigrated from Taiwan to New Zealand and settled in Tauranga. During that time I came to know Kaye Hurn, a lovely and well-respected porcelain art teacher. I became one of her students. At first, I thought it was going to be impossible for me to achieve my goal to become a porcelain artist, but Kaye encouraged and helped me to believe in myself and believe my goal was achievable.

My self-belief as an artist grew under Kaye's guidance and tuition as did my increasing ability to accomplish a variety of different skills and techniques. I grew from an artist who doubted herself to an artist who became a confident painter in this amazing and gratifying art form. Kaye's inspiring approach from the beginning made a difference and will forever mean a lot to me. She would always remind me that porcelain painting originated in China and would say, "It is yours." I believe it is no wonder I love it and enjoy it - it was in my heart from the beginning. As I grew in my art Kaye encouraged me to teach porcelain painting. I did just that in Taiwan in 2003 and have continued to this day.

Best regards
Ming Lien

Photo top left: Ming Lien "Grape Vase" (6½ in.)

Photo left: Ming Lien "Peacock" (Thais method painted)

Photo center: Ming Lien "Jewellery Plate"

Photo right: Ming Lien "9 in. Rose Plate"

A Student's Journey So Far... from Anne Edghill

It has been nearly two years since I started my new hobby of porcelain painting with my friend and teacher Sandra Austin. Her work in an exhibition inspired me to learn the art.

I began with simple ideas, my first plate being a freehand drawing of Boatsheds, which I then painted. Initially Sandra kindly allowed me to use her brushes and paints, as I wasn't sure how long I would continue with this form of art.

However, like most porcelain artists, I became "hooked" - my enthusiasm to learn more techniques and complete more complicated pieces grew. Sandra also encouraged me to choose designs which would teach me something new.

I focussed on producing a piece as a gift for a friend, and so the image represented something special for them. For example, a friend was retiring and they had recently bought a caravan so I painted her a plate with a "cartoon" caravan on it. Another friend had returned from a trip to India and loved the elephants found in Asia. Her gift was a plate with a cartoon Indian elephant complete with its decorative coat and trimmings. Another friend loves shopping for shoes and dresses and, well anything. A cartoon high heeled shoe filled with shopping bags and dresses was her gift. This approach as made painting fun and productive. It has also pushed me to learn new techniques and styles.

This year I decided to join the Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association and attend their monthly meetings. It's been great sharing experiences and seeing the work produced by others.

The highlight of the year for me has been having the opportunity to exhibit a few pieces in the Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association ❝50 Years Of Firing!❞ Exhibition, held in August, and to attend a three day workshop with Australian porcelain artist Sandra Bernaitis. In this workshop I mastered (I think) airbrushing to produce one of designs we had been given. Then after the workshop I finished a smaller plate of one of the alternative designs under the watchful eye of my teacher Sandra.

So throughout the years I have learned penning, textures, both traditional and modern styles of painting, airbrushing and using lustres.

I am looking forward to next year, being a member of HVPAA, AOPNZ (which I have just joined) and learning even more techniques. And of course having FUN!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Anne Edghill

Christmas Lunch HVPAA

On Friday on the 8th of December the Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association celebrated their annual Christmas Luncheon at the Te Marua Golf Club.

As always we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed catching up with everyone in the Club who were able to attend. It was so lovely to see everyone.

At the luncheon Sandra Austin presented to Monica Martin (President HVPAA) the book on ❝50 Years of Firing!❞ Exhibition of Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association which was held earlier this year in August. We had a wonderful person in Dixie Reid who assisted with all the compositing, etc. The book is just so beautiful, it was so well received everyone wants to have their own copy. It's a wonderful record of their club and the painters who are featured plus past painters have also been honoured.

Photo: Monica Martin (left) and Lorraine Harlen
Image top right: Book Cover

Painting with Monica!
Hints for using GOLD

I was just thinking about gilding some pieces and thought that a few hints would be a good reminder for experienced and new porcelain artists.

We need to take care of this precious commodity as it is now sooo expensive - my guess is that many of you no longer have gold in your painting box or if you do you are waiting until you have completed that special piece before using it.

Who can blame you for that!

When ready to gild;

● There are several types of gold and I will begin today with the most common form - Liquid Bright Gold (LBG). This is 24carat gold flake (dissolved in acid & recovered as Gold chloride) held in a suspension of oil & chemicals.

● The most common amount of gold in suspension is 12% - this should be noted on your bottle - if a higher percentage is noted then consider that to be a BIG Bonus and use on special pieces.

● Keep separate brushes and pens for gold use keeping them in a container with some Lavender oil on a tissue in the tin (this will keep brushes pliable).

● Make sure your piece is thoroughly clean and wiped over with Pure Meths/Surgical Meths.

● Wipe your hands with meths too (removes oil from skin) and if decanting only a little amount to a small dish clean this too with meths.

● Before using your gold - shake it well to ensure the oils and gold are well mixed. If a cold day ensure your gold is warm carry it close to your skin for period before use.

● Take care and work at a consistent pace when applying the gold. Leave to dry and recheck your application prior to firing - if you need to do some cleaning then use a cotton bud - I find 'spit' on the cotton wool is a good cleaner prior to firing - but be careful as gold is toxic so use cotton buds only once.

We will discuss post firing issues next time. If you have any questions send them in and they will be answered. At the bottom of this newsletter there is an online option to send any questions to me.

Happy painting and have a Merry Christmas!

Monica Martin
President Hutt Valley Porcelain Art Association

Photo above left: Brushes in urn for illustration purposes only

Just a reminder for those who don't have regular access to a computer or you know an artist who doesn't have access to a computer to check out your local library. These days, many libraries operate in the digital world and the staff are highly trained and technology aware. Libraries have become the place of choice for many people who do not own a computer to communicate with each other through emails and social media. Computers in libraries has allowed users to step into the online digital world that is now a permanent fixture in all our lives. I advise anyone to contact your local library and enquire if public computer access is available. You will need to check with the library as they may require signing up as a member of the library. Library staff are always helpful.

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May this Christmas be a fitting ending to a successful year for you. As you celebrate the glory of this wonderful season, may your home be filled with love, peace, and joy. May these blessings follow you throughout the New Year. Wishing you safe travels this holiday season and always from our family to yours. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The magical heart of ArtOnPorcelainNZ beats with Encouragement, Love of our Art, Respect, and Kindness to All! Please keep that in the forefront of your thinking.

Embrace it! Enjoy it!

Your Partner in Success

Sandra Austin
(President PATNZ)

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